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Our story - Luxury Skincare


Catherine  - leading Skincare Designer, Consultant to new brands, Industry Expert, Writer, Spa Menu, Signature Treatment and product designer, and go-to person for the ultimate in all-things-skin care, expertise.

Hand gathering fresh produce from the garden and turning into the most pure skin, hair and body products was a normal part of life for Catherine as a child. ‘We even used weeds as they were referred to then, but now people are starting to realise the value in these so-called weeds. They’re great memories, relying totally on nature to bring about equilibrium. Because this was just a normal part of life, it was a natural progression for me to turn back to nature when problems arose. I’m in my element creating skincare and body care products. However, I’m not one for complacency and I’m always developing new and even more powerful products with the use of nature. I like to exceed my own expectations and offer products to consumers and Spas that are unique, results-driven and powered by nature.‘

Early Days 

Engulfed by grief (miscarriage), I’ll never forget being told by a Doctor that even commonly used ingredients in skincare can cause spontaneous abortion. I was shocked. This was not the cause of our loss, however, I could not believe that the industry isn’t regulated. I could not believe that people are not protected. Skin can absorb up to 95% better than if you ate that same thing. A whopping 95%. 

This reason was the catalyst for KuuSh being created. I researched for the next 4 years and discovered that even the brands claiming to be be natural and harm free, were not. After the intense research, I decided I would make a brand that is safe, that can be trusted, and one that will provide real results, not hope in a jar. 

‘Looking back on the early days of KuuSh, it's creation and the intense struggle to get Skincare Manufacturers to listen and understand that I didn’t want to be like the rest, to finally resolving to the fact that I had to make it myself if I really wanted pure skincare, was a huge undertaking to say the least. The first test batches consisted of using a bowl, a spoon, traditional family recipes, and the carefully selected ingredients in those recipes. From those times to becoming a highly respected brand internationally, known for integrity and results, was quite some achievement. During this time, the passion for creating the very best skincare, without the use of compromising ingredients, and the reason for its birth, never changed.

The recipes had been kept secret, mainly due to the fact that our family had been making products for personal use for many generations and recipes and the making of the products were handed down with the older ones teaching the younger ones. It was second nature. Nothing was written down until later times. Still Rooms were traditional, where herbal medicines were made and kept, along with any other hair or skincare product required. It was like a big medicine chest. With hair care, it was like nettles that had been steeped for oily hair or chamomile rinses for fair hair and dandelions for detoxing. The name, Still Room, was derived from the fact that many things were distilled in there.


I had 3 main criteria; it had to be pure and natural, it had to be results-driven and it had to be 100% safe.‘



KuuSh was the first skincare brand to gain Halal certification, Carbon Neutral Certification and Catherine was asked to be the Technical Advisor for Australia's oldest Organic Certifying Body and to write the Health and Beauty Standards because at that point (2007) there were no organic standards by which a skincare brand could be certified. If skincare brands wanted to become certified back then, it was done under agricultural standards which allowed many ingredients through, even the dreaded paraben preservatives. 

Also, in 2007, Catherine was asked to be an Industry Advisor for AQIS on organic standards.

Television stations and global magazines and brands contact for expertise and advice on products, ingredients, hazards/efficacy and more. And today, people/business owners, seek endorsements from Catherine for their brands, be it a skincare brand or a cleaning product, a food product or other. 

'Our family secrets are worth spreading'© KuuSh


As Promised

As promised, we had a break from the everyday running of business and travelled Europe in search of more ingredients that we could add to our family recipes which have their roots in the UK. We have always grown the majority of our ingredients, and after our travels, we implemented European garden designs that are also even more eco and water efficient. Also as promised, we have developed more products to address specific skin issues to be rolled out in due course. Keep checking back to see the new releases that will be sure to please, giving visible results.

Your skin knows what to do, given the correct foods and that is why KuuSh uses expensive ingredients that offer real results, not useless ingredients that are nothing more than cheap fillers. The KuuSh promise has always been to offer results without compromise. 



We don't stop creating; using our Science background and our family recipes, we continue to be innovative and ahead of the rest. You may have a one-on-one consultation with one of our highly trained staff at a KuuSh Sampling Room. Experience what true eco luxury skincare is about. Bookings necessary. 

Discover what KuuSh Luxury Skincare can do for your Hotel, Airline, Spa or Resort. 

It's Important to Teach Respect for Nature


Children inherit from many family members, aquiring cell memory and physical attributes, but it's also the times where they can embrace nature that instill lasting, fond memories that they too will share with future generations someday. Walking barefoot on the pristine Australian beaches, hand in hand, showing appreciation for nature, discovering sealife, admiring dolphins dipping in the water, small crabs scurrying across the sea bed and finding shark eggs on the sand; it's moments like these where our little ones are being taught compassion for living creatures and care for the environment. It is these children, our future generations that will be entrusted to carry on providing the very best, pure Australian skincare to families all over the world. 

Kitten, pictured here, enjoys time with Uncle (KuuSh co-designer) on the beach.

We Invite You

Come and share our journey; feel the raw and energetic potency in our products and discover what they will do for you.

Nurtured Products


KuuSh is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, surrounded by pristine seas, blue skies, rolling hills, Australian scrub, and we are fortunate enough to have constant companions in the form of kangaroos, koalas, magpies and other wildlife. It's where the night sky is lit with stars scattered across it and the breeze is fresh and pure coming in from the ocean.

It is here, where your beautiful KuuSh products are created, using raw and potent ingredients. 

Your KuuSh products are truly nurtured and filled with positive energy, from our shores to yours.