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About Us

Early Days

When we look back on the early days of KuuSh, it's creation and the intense struggle to get Skincare Manufacturers to listen and understand that you don't want to be like the rest, to finally resolving to the fact that we had to make it ourselves if we really wanted pure skincare, was a huge undertaking to say the least. The first test batches consisted of using a bowl, a spoon, traditional family recipes that had been kept secret, and the carefully selected ingredients in those recipes, to becoming an internationally respected brand and having our own manufacturing facility. During this time, the passion for creating the very best skincare, without the use of compromising ingredients, and the reason for its birth, never changed. Family owned, KuuSh recipes were family secrets that had their roots in the UK, and until the creation of KuuSh in 2002, had remained a secret. Today, our next generation are being taught the importance of skincare purity, right from babies. We delight in being able to produce, the world's finest, most pure skincare; without fillers, harmful preservatives, gluten and animal ingredients. Today, KuuSh is supplied to selected Spas, stores and private customers, worldwide.

'Our family secrets are worth spreading' (R) KuuSh

As Promised

As promised, we had a break from the everyday running of business and travelled Europe in search of more ingredients that are in our family recipes. We have always grown the majority of our ingredients, and after our travels, we implemented European garden designs that are also even more eco and water efficient. Also as promised, we have developed more products to address specific skin issues to be rolled out in due course. Keep checking back to see the new releases that will be sure to please, giving visible results.

Your skin knows what to do, given the correct foods and that is why KuuSh uses expensive ingredients that offer real results, not useless ingredients that are nothing more than cheap fillers. The KuuSh promise has always been to offer results without compromise. 


We don't stop creating; using our Science background and our family recipes, we continue to be innovative and ahead of the rest. You may have a one-on-one consultation with one of our highly trained staff at a KuuSh Sampling Room. Experience what true natural skincare is about. Bookings necessary.

The KuuSh Founder, Catherine McKinnon Griss, is highly regarded for her knowledge and expertise on ingredients. Skincare companies (and other companies) around the globe send their products to be evaluated and endorsed by Catherine. 

To organise to interview Catherine, email